Returning to work need not be daunting

Many professional women and men who have taken career breaks because of family responsibilities or other reasons want to return to the corporate workforce.  However, often they find that:

  • They have lost their confidence
  • Their skills are out of date
  • They have lost touch with their networks
  • They are unsure about how the world of work currently operates.

This can make resuming a corporate career seem very daunting, especially if they have been out of the workforce for a number of years.  Increasingly, Irish companies are recognising that professionals with several years of experience prior to their career breaks can get back up to speed very quickly.

Also, more employers and Government bodies are realising that returners are a solution to the shortage of skills.  They recognise that with training, induction, placements and other supports individuals who want to return to work can refresh old skills and learn new ones, as well as boost their confidence levels.

What we do
Career Returners supports returners by:

  • Advising them on how to return to work
  • Alerting them about potential opportunities for returners
  • Selecting returners for return-to-work programmes which Career Returners runs on behalf of employers.